Bathroom Vanities

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Types of Kitchen Cabinets

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The most modern style look can be achieved with the use of shaker-style cabinets. This style looks good on any kitchen, be it small or big, old or new. You do not have to change the decoration of your kitchen for using the shaker-style cabinet. The doors of this cabinet are made of a four-piece wooden frame along with a flat middle panel. Shaker-style doors are available in different colours to suit different kitchen interiors.


The classic style cabinet door has a raised panel in the middle that gives it the more traditional look. We use a solid piece of wood to create the raised panel in the centre. The raised panels may have different designs. However, the designs always merge well with the wood and the texture of the base so that it becomes a masterpiece. Again, you can choose from an array of colour to suit your taste.


Do you want a contemporary finish for your kitchen? Frameless kitchen cabinets are best for you. Even though it has been a European style, Americans have started to choose this simple style for their kitchens as well. As the frameless cabinets do not have the face frame, it gives a more modern and sleeker look to your kitchen.

Flat panel

Similar to the frameless kitchen cabinets, flat panel is also created with the help of a single piece of wood. The flat panel doors are free from any additional details. This is ideal for kitchens that have modern utilities. As there are no details on the flat panel cabinets, it does not create any shadow, which is good for smaller kitchens. Besides, this is one of the most budget-friendly options available in the market.